About Barbara


I have worked and studied in the field of metaphysical science and energy  dynamics since 1976 having been spiritually blessed and transformed by  the teachings of Hilda Charlton, a master soul who taught the “Art of  Living” at St.  John the Divine in NYC.

 I am a real  “hands on person”. I use the sensitivity of my hands in  Kinetic Recall and Release to feel almost imperceptible responses coming  from a person’s inner knowing or higher self. I use biofeedback  technology to measure vibrational frequency from the hands to do aura and  chakra analysis and  I decipher the lines etched on hands to decode the individuals souls agenda.

 As  a mentor and coach, I am dedicated to supporting those who want to move  beyond limiting beliefs, discover their passions and expand into their greatest self.
  I love enlightening skeptics who come needing to "see to believe." and  go away with their own sense of ” feeling and knowing”.  

               I am available for private sessions, workshops, parties and corporate events.

Education and Training

·  One Brain Facilitator, certified specialized Kinesiologist by Three-in-One Concepts.

·  Field consultant to Guy Coggins, president of Progen Company and inventor of the Aura Camera and Interactive Aura Imaging.

·  Enrolled  in a two year MasterMind Hand Analysis program with Richard Unger,  founder of International Institute of Hand Analysis, author of  LifePrints.

·  Completed  one year in-depth training and ongoing advanced studies with Beth  Davis, The Palm Pilot for the Soul of Your Business, founder and CEO of  The Hand Analyst, Inc.

·  Completed  one-year training with Ghanshyam Birlu Vedic Palmist, founder of The  Palmistry Center Westmont, Quebec, author of Love in the Palm of Your  Hand. 

·  Completed year-long mentorship program with Roberta Coker founder of Integrative Hand Analysis.

·  Presenter,  American Massage Therapy Conferences, American Society of Dowsers,  Omega Institute, Inner Visions Institute,  School of Environmental and  Vocational Arts.