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Aura Colors and their meaning



The  following descriptions of the aura colors can give you a general  insight into interpretating auras. Colors, as well as shapes and  combinations of colors, play a key role in aura interpretation. The  right side shows the male active energy while the left side indicates  the female passive energy.

Red:  desire, vitality, power, the urge to win, to have success, intensity of  experience, action, doing, love of sports, struggle, competition, force  of will, leadership, strength, courage, passion, eroticism, earthiness,  practicality, desire for possessions, sense of adventure,  the survival  instinct. A majority of young children and teenagers especially boys,  have bright red auras.
Orange: creativity,  the emotions, confidence, ability to relate to others in an open and  friendly manner, sociability, independence, the ability to reach out and  extend one's self towards others. Many talented sales people,  entrepreneurs, and people who deal with the public have orange auras.

Yellow: sunny  and enthusiastic, cheerful, bright, great sense of humor and fun,  optimism, intellectual, openness to new ideas, happiness,  warmth, uninhibited expansiveness, talent for organization, hope and  expectation, inspiration. People with yellow auras encourage and support  others by naturally being themselves; they radiate like the sun and  they also may have a great ability to analyze complex concepts.

Green: perseverance,  tenacity, firmness, patience, sense of responsibility and service, self  assertiveness, high ideals and aspirations, dedication, puts high value  on work and career, ambitious desire for respectability and personal  attainment, deeply focused and adaptable. Green is also the color of  growth and of dedicated parents, social workers, counselors,  psychologists, and other persons focusing on creating positive change in  the world.
Blue: depth  of feeling, devotion, desire to communicate, puts great importance on  personal relationships, empathic, possibly tends to put the needs of  others before their own. Blue may be emotionally sensitive, intuitive,  inwardly focused, be receptive and desire peace, love and affection in  relationships with others. You'll find many blue artists, poets, writers  and musicians.

Violet or Purple: magical,  original, tends to be unconventional, often has psychic abilities,  unusual charisma and charm, the uncommon ability to make their dreams  come true, or manifest their desires in the material world, wish to  charm and delight others and can easily connect with higher planes of  consciousness, playful, nonjudgmental, tolerant of others'  eccentricities, sensitive and compassionate. People who have purple  auras appreciate tenderness and kindness in others. Not especially  practical, they tend to prefer to live in a dream world of their own  creation. You'll find many "violet or purple" entertainers, movie stars,  free thinkers, visionaries, revolutionaries, and otherwise singular and  magnetic individuals. Dark violet could indicate a need to take charge  of their life, or perhaps, that the person needs time to spiritually  ground himself or herself.
White:  spiritually motivated, the ability to be open and receptive to the divine or spiritual world. Can merge with ALL THAT IS. Probably unconcerned with worldly matters or ambition. Inner illumination and cosmic wisdom characterize the white energy. Young children, energy workers and people who meditate intensely often will show bright white in their auras. Generally, white does not often appear in the auras of adults.


Finding Your Inner Butterfly


  An intuitive reading based on the patterns and images that appear in the butterflies wings. These pictures are  formed from drops of paint colors  on paper that are chosen by the participant in answer to a series of  seven simple questions.  The colors chosen and the images that form are interpreted using color psychology.  The questions  that are  asked can be  specifically designed for the individual or the event to further personalize the experience.

 Sample questions  based on  Aura's and Chakra's for self development groups

  1. What color reminds you of your family?

  2. What color comes to mind when you are creative?

  3. What color do youthink of when you are determined to accomplish something?

 4. What color do you feel when you share love?

 5.  What color comes along with the words you speak?

  6. What color vibrates inside you when you have an intuition?

 7.  What color reminds you of the a higher power or universal wisdom?

 Sample questions for

 Woman's  Nite Out

1.What color reminds you of your bedroom?

 2. What color do you see when you look in the mirror

  3. What color feels like you when you go shopping  

4.  What color feels like you when you speak your mind 

5. What color  comes to mind when you feel successful

6. What color feels  giving and receiving love to you?

7. What color does your future feel like?

 Sample questions for Children

1. What color  reminds you of your house?

2 .What color are you when you are playing with your favorite toy?

3 What color are you when you are eating your favorite food?

4. What color are you when you go to school?

5. What color are you when you are on vacation?

6. What color are you when you go to sleep?

7.What color are you when you are dreaming?


I can't believe how beautiful the picture came out. I could really see some images in it, and it wasn't my imagination because my friends saw it too. It meant alot to me to know that my love of dancing was in my butterflies wings!

Cynthia Hall   Oneonta NY

My friends all loved finding their inner butterfly at my birthday party. There were so many beautiful color paints to choose from and the pictures all turned out so different. We played a game trying to guess whose picture belonged to who. and I got alot of them right .This was my best party ever!

Adrienne Gorman  Syosset L.I.

What a wonderful way to spend an afternoon doing something  new,

 different  and fun at the senior center. I took it home to show my daughter and she wanted it as  entertainment for her teenager's party. She called the people and they said Yes-

I'm looking forward to seeing my granddaughters butterfly!

Bella G. Tom's River N.J.

Auracle Readings


A unique combination of hand analysis and symbolic cards that gives the participant insight into their life and the circumstances that surround them.  The session begins with the participant resting their hands on an outline of palms printed on a mat. After setting their intention of what they would like to focus on they shuffle the deck of forty six cards.

 The reader intuits how many cards are needed to be drawn by the participant who is now asked to place the cards in any direction face down anywhere on the mat. Revealing the first card  that was placed down the reading begins and the story unfolds. The meaning of where on the palm or the finger the card was placed and the definition of the symbol is explained.

Left hand,  your home life, pinky finger intimacy zone and the symbol on the card  is two hands but they are upside down. Are you having trouble connecting with your partner, they are asked. Next card right hand, index finger, symbol a car. Present day is pointing to a move. Car is right side up shows that the destination is  good.

The reading continues. as the participant asks questions  and more cards are chosen. The reading ends with an understanding of the situation at hand.


I was  completely impressed with the accuracy of my Auracle Reading. I loved your system!!!  It had a simplicity and an inter-activeness that was fun, authentic, and unbelievably accurate!

Deb Lane, N.Y.C.

The Auracle Reading with Barbara was very insightful. Everything she said from the reading makes perfect sense. I am now more aware of my chosen path and what I need to cultivate to reach my goal in life.

Jen Lim, New Paltz N.Y.

Barbara  Ellen hit areas in my life that I am working on. She was amazingly precise and exact with the information. I will have another reading in a few months to see what changes I have made.

Jahanna Skolnick, Doylestown Pa.

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