Kinetic Recall & Release



Release the Stress of the Past
 Step Into the Now
Become Your Future Self

Are you struggling with old fears and self-defeating patterns? 

Would you like to grow,
change and experience yourself

the way you’ve always wanted to be?


Kinetic Recall and Release allows gentle reprocessing  of past stressful or traumatic situations that may currently be  creating physical or emotional symptoms, such as:

  • Anxiety, depression, dysfunctional family issues  
  • Unwanted behavior: phobias,  obsessions,  addictions,  
  • eating disorders,  smoking  
  • Learning disabilities: reading problems,  dyslexia,  attention deficit disorder, memory loss. 

Using Kinetic Recall and Release, old pain and fears are transformed into building blocks for new levels of awareness.  When we release old views of the experiences that created stress and infuse ourselves with our desired state of consciousness, we  create harmony within and tap into a new dynamic energy to help manifest our goals.


Kinetic Recall and Release restores choice.
     Without choice, we perceive ourselves as
     victims of people and circumstances.
     With choice and its resulting empowerment,
     we become reliable for ourselves,
     for our highest good and  for the highest good of all. 



How Does it work

Specialized  kinesiology (muscle testing) allows me to access an  individual’s innate wisdom;  therefore, the client is the authority.  I facilitate my client's knowing and understanding  to help integrate their mental, physical, emotional and spiritual aspects for ease and well-being in everyday life.  My clients improve as quickly as possible based on their willingness to take responsibility for changing their situation.  

I do not do any diagnosis or treatment of a pathological condition;
doctors are the only ones licensed to do this.
Fee $110 - 60 min. (in person or phone)  

Barbara Ellen,
Certified One Brain Facilitator
(845) 684-5061




  "Barbara is fantastic. I have consulted with her countless times by phone  and in person for personal direction . At times when I've been  overwhelmed with options or stuck in a repetitive pattern she has helped  me enormously  to move in a way that is true to me.  She is a highly skilled intuitive kinesiologist and hand analyst.Treat yourself to clarity, self appreciation and courage to live the life you are meant to live" 

Kathleen Donovan,MA Dance Certified Realization Process Practitioner,Woodstock NY 

Thank  you again for your invaluable help. Thank you for your service, your  gifts, your commitment, your integrity and your amazing guidance.  Olga Peralto, Attorney , N.Y.C.  

"Barbara is an amazing healer who is gifted in her work with kinetic energy.  " During a personal and spiritual transition in my life, I went to Barbara for help and she was able to help me move forward in a way that allowed me to understand my own situation as well as offer me new tools to heal in a more deep and powerful way!  Thank you Barbara!!!"      Dorothy Haynes-Griffin, restaurant manager,  NYC" 

Thank you for your unending warmth and insights.      Thank you for your  deep patience, understanding and compassion . I love having you in my life  helping me through my trials and epiphanies.

Jennifer Chapman - Jin Shin Jyutsu practitioner,Conn.