Life Purpose Hand Analysis


Are You Living Your Life Purpose?

Do you want to know who you are,

what direction your life wants to take

 and what you need to do to get there?

Imagine what having this kind of ‘map’ or ‘blueprint’ literally

in the palms of your hands could do for the future of your

personal and professional life?


Thanks to an in depth self-discovery system known as “scientific hand analysis,” the data in your hands – those special markings - can be ‘decoded,’ translated and spelled out to you in simple terms, revealing your gifts, talents, challenges and opportunities.

What Is Scientific Hand Analysis?

  • Scientific Hand Analysis is a combination of ancient palmistry, the latest scientific data and current advances in human psychology and  philosophy
  • Scientific Hand Analysis is NOT predictive ( it can’t tell  you how many children you’re going to have or if you are going to win the  lottery )

Scientific Hand Analysis is a repeatable system, based upon

hundreds of thousands of hands studied.

· Scientific discoveries in the last 100 years reveal that the lines on your hands are a map of the major neural pathways of your brain .


Your hands hold two key areas of information:
Your fingerprints and the lines on your palms.

 Your fingerprints formed when you were in uterine between the 14th and 16th week of development and do not change.

They are unique and unalterable (even identical twins have different fingerprints). 

 Your fingerprints give a detailed map of the person you intend to become. Like an acorn containing within it the potential oak tree, your fingerprints are your life’s natural blueprint

Your fingerprints reveal your Life Purpose  ( your area of greatest potential and fulfillment) and your Life Lesson  ( your "shadow" self,  the part of you that is seeking conscious awareness in order for your Life Purpose to manifest in the material, every day world ).

 The lines in your palms reveal your unique style of feeling, thinking, behaving, and communicating as well as your special gifts (such as writing, healing or teaching), your career path and your physical stamina level

 The lines can change. The lines in your hands are a result of your thought patterns - the ones you think  again and again until they are grooved into your hand's map. That's why they can change. Change your thoughts at a cellular level and your lines can change.

By deciphering your fingerprints and looking at the lines on  your palms,

 it can be seen where you are experiencing  both success and resistance

 in relationship to your  Life Purpose and  Life Lesson.



Focus on Fingerprints

Learn your Life Purpose and your Life Lesson. Your Life Purpose is what you  you have come to do in this lifetime that will give you the you your greatest sense of fulfillment and your Life Lesson is what you need to learn in order to allow your life purpose to emerge..
Fee $100 

Whole Hand Analysis

 In addition to the fingerprint analysis....The lines in your palm will  be examined to determine your motivations and talents your basic temperament, to see your personality strengths and weaknesses.  A whole hand analysis reading gives perspective to your current circumstances in relation to the big picture of your life story so that you can make new choices and start living in the fulfillment of your life’s purpose.  

Fee: $175.00 

Formative Whole Hand Analysis for Children under 12 

Understand  your child’s natural inclinations so that you can truly  know who they are and support them in becoming their natural self!
 Fee: $90 



Ready to take a direct look at yourself and your life  so you can take charge of it?  

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What People are Saying....


What  a surprise! Not knowing what to expect from Barbara's hand analysis, I  am now devotee! It's a pleasure to communicate my experience to others.  I  quickly surmised this is a high skill as Barbara's years of study and  experience were evident. She presents her findings in a totally  professional manner-compassionate yet  detached.   From her quite detailed information, I left encouraged to move forward  with my gifts and to examine self truths. In the variety of healing  modalities available, this work is important and I highly recommend Barbara to you" 

Jo Yanow-Schwartz,    reflexologist and personal trainer, Woodstock N.Y.


“Very ,very enlightening!!!.  Barbara looked at my hands in a way I never saw them before.  I  asked a lot of questions and was amazed  to hear how the road map of  lines  marked where my life has been and where I have always been wanting to go! Knowing my life purpose as revealed in my hands has given  me insight and courage that I have never found anywhere else.” 

Cindy Aronson, Blooming Grove ,N.Y.    nurse practitioner

Having my hands read was a totally magical, mystical  and utterly practical experience.  Steven Hammond, Chicago Il.    financial advisor